The DOVES latest video and release, "Confession":

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The DOVES announce the release of our latest single — “Pulse”.  

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 “The 120 mph motorcycle spree through the stalled traffic of the rush hour metropolis…

 Standing on the edge, with nothing between between you and the ground but 3,000 feet of air and a nylon canopy folded into a pack…

To feel your heart pumping in your chest, adrenaline firing every nerve in your body, dancing on the razor thin line between life and death, with no margin for error.

To escape, if only for a moment, the bland banality of a world devoid of significance, where meaning and purpose have been evacuated, and everything runs together into a homogenous slurry of mass-produced objects and images and sensations.

To go beyond the limit of fear, into an immediacy which screams with extreme danger, and enter into a mode of existence where you are truly and fully alive…

 Or to sit in peaceful contemplation of such a phenomenon.

 Either way, the steady drumbeat of your “Pulse” — thump, thump, thump —

 is all that stands between you and eternity.”


The DOVES new song and video release: “The Day You Were Born”!

The DOVES return to their 20th century pop rock roots with “The Day You Were Born”. Big blocks of melody, harmony, and rhythm define this catchy radio-friendly “love letter”. “A universe of loneliness” surrounds us, demanding “proof — so show me”. So “throw your arms around…” your beloved “like the day (they) were born…”

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The DOVES are pleased to announce the release of our latest song and video, “King of Kings”!

Come celebrate the King!  Sing along with The DOVES in joyful gospel praise of Jesus Christ in His exclusive office as Creator of “time and space (and) energy!”  “King of Kings” will have you clapping your hands, closing your eyes, and swaying to its soothing melody, and strong but stately rhythm.  Perfect for worship service, or personal devotion!

Please click here to view the beautiful imagery of God’s creation in the “King of Kings” video (or click on the thumbnail at the right side of this page).  “King of Kings" can be downloaded at the “Audio” tab on this site, or you can click here to access The DOVES CD Baby page directly (also available on iTunes, etc.).  

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 The DOVES video for our latest tune, “Why Did You Hurt Me?”, is now on YouTube!

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More info on “Why Did You Hurt Me?” below (on this page); at the “Audio” tab; and on our Blog (tab).

This one is aimed “straight at the heart”. We hope you enjoy it – look for our next release, “King of Kings”, later in August!



Welcome to The DOVES new website!  We truly appreciate you stopping by, and hope you’ll check out our AUDIO tab to listen to and download our music; and our VIDEOs, which appear as clickable thumbnails running down the right side of every page (more vids available at the tab); and our BIO, etc.

Our latest single, “Why Did You Hurt Me?” is now available on this site, and through most digital outlets. 



 “Why Did You Hurt Me?”, the latest single by The DOVES, arrives like an echo of a WLS AM broadcast from the golden age of radio.  Trena Stooksberry’s soulful vocal evokes those of Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, and Patsy Cline; while Wade’s guitars provide counterpoint, and a reverb-soaked lead.  All supported by the sturdy foundation of Joey Stuckey’s broad-shouldered bass line. 

 “Why Did You Hurt Me?” adds a piquant twist to the The DOVES growing catalog: 

The “musical smorgasbord” of their 6-song EP, “Day (One)” which ranges from acoustic lament (“Dirty Words”), to guitar-driven New Wave (“Day”), to electronic synth (“Some More Than Others”), to glorious chorale (“Out of the Wood”), to “grunge meets Latin in Motown” ("Angeline"), to soulful blues (“Everybody’s Happy But Me”) –



 their follow-up “double-sided single” of catchy pop-rock, “Wild and Strange/Shut My Mouth”



and their most recent offerings, “Mirage” (a galloping reflection on the boundaries of reality:  is our world really a “Mirage”?) 



and “The Fine Line” (the pathos involved with choosing to “walk the line”, a la Johnny Cash – or not to). 



The DOVES express an effortless shifting of musical genres that confirm what Dan Herman of Radio Crystal Blue remarked on the “Novus Ordo” broadcast of 12/07/14:  “they have something unique up their sleeve…”