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 The DOVES revisit the melancholy lament of “Dirty Words” with “Confession”, a concordantly lush and spare arrangement that evokes Americana — with synthesizer.


 The DOVES tip their hat to homespun Americana, while maintaining their distinctive disregard for boundaries and categories with their own “trans-genre” approach, in “Confession”: a song which is both lush and spare, utilizing a dolefully sweet signature on synthesizer to carry its tale of longing and betrayal, given life by Wade and Trena’s plaintive harmonies.

“Confession” is a nod to the couple’s early all-acoustic work together as The DOVES; echoing the melancholy lament of “Dirty Words”. It follows the more expansive pop-rock of recent offerings “Shut My Mouth”, “Wild and Strange”, “Mirage” “The Fine Line”, “The Day You Were Born”, and “Pulse”; as well as the Brenda Lee-Connie Francis retro of “Why Did You Hurt Me?”, and the joyous gospel of “King of Kings”. Please visit The DOVES website for the complete catalogue of The DOVES, links to videos, and music downloads.

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The video is taken, with apologies, from Stanley Kubrick’s breathtakingly beautifully cinematography in the appropriately somber masterpiece “Barry Lyndon”. The idea was to present images of courtly composure and dispassion, and there are no finer examples to set such a tone than those presented in that film.


I decided not long ago
That I would try to be the last one to know
To my surprise, I can’t say I don’t
She lied to me again

Jedediah, strong as a stone
He tried to hide, his heart was already broke
No one remembers the ex-act words he spoke
But now and then… ahhh, maybe…

At times, I confess…
At times, I confess…
At times, I don’t confess…

Lylah sighed and felt all alone
He said goodbye and grabbed his hat and his coat
So why would she not pick up the phone?
Or buy the milk for the baby?

(At times, I confess…
At times, I confess…
At times, I don’t confess…

I will never leave or forsake you
Through all the trials you bear
And in your time of facing trouble, then I’ll be there)

Belladonna, what have you wrote?
I touched the page, and got a chill to the bone
This masquerade just couldn’t go on
It’s time for it to end.