Oh So Close...

The DOVES new video, “Why Did You Hurt Me?" is now on Youtube.  We think it captures the message, and the flavor, of the song, which is addressed in more detail below. It was an interesting video to put together, to say the least. Trena and I want to express our appreciation to Joe Turner and his Epic Audio Recording Studio (EARS) for his assistance with the project. Couldn’t have done it without ya, Joe! Joe is an awesome musician, writer, and engineer, and a solid brother in Christ.

And, of course, if handing out appreciation, we can’t do so without props to our dear friend Joey Stuckey. Joey has been a mentor to us — and a huge number of Middle Georgia artists — in addition to recording our entire body of work at his fabulous Shadow Sound Studios (Trena and I appear at the 20 min. mark). And his unsurpassed bass playing has graced every song of ours that has drums and bass. He truly is a legend, and an incredible artist in his own right, and producer and engineer and overall maestro. And we’re blessed to be associated with him.



Speaking of that association, Joey encouraged us to submit an entry for the “Macon Music CD Vol. 1” contest, sponsored by NewTown Macon. The top 10 submissions got included in the compilation. We were number 11, out of about 50.

Mixed feelings about that. Obviously, we would love to have been included, and it would have been a career boost for us. But it’s hard not to take a measure of pride in being so close, in an area that is as traditionally talent-rich as Macon and Middle Georgia, going back to before Lena Horne, Little Richard, Otis Redding, Capricorn, and all the others cited in our Bio.

I take particular satisfaction in our placement, considering our music really doesn’t fit into any pat categories, or reflect a strong regional influence. For example, it would be hard to find a comparison for “Mirage”, the song we entered, due to its varied influences, which even includes a little Jethro Tull-ish flourish near the end. I can’t help but wonder if “Wild and Strange” or “Angeline” or “Shut My Mouth” or “Everybody’s Happy But Me” or “Why Did You Hurt Me?” (if it had been recorded) might have finish “in the money”.

At any rate — our congratulations and best wishes to those on the CD; and appreciation to NTM for the opportunity.

Now it’s on to the video for “King of Kings”, and its launch. And the next project, which we’re eager to get rolling on: “The Day You Were Born”:

“There doesn’t seem to be another way out
Keep on pushing forward like the day you were born
A universe of loneliness surrounds me
Staggers and astounds me like the day I was born

I want you
To show me
I need proof
So show me…”

(more to come)

All the best,
Wade and Trena