"RAW and Unique British Rock Style..."

I think my favorite response to “The Day You Were Born” may come from Gerald at RAWDOGGTV, a hip hop site out of Atlanta. He said “…gave your music a listen: RAW AND Unique British Rock Style (Great songs — “The Day You Were Born” could be a hit)”.

It’s gratifying that someone would reach out, unsolicited — and definitely across genres — to praise our work, and adroitly nail its essence. As I said on our facebook page:

“in an age where streaming sales of your music net you $.01 on Spotify, moral victories are sometimes the only compensation you get — and Gerald’s note is a big boost to us!”

TDYWB has also caught the attention of “Psychedelic Baby” magazine, from Slovenia. As well as radio stations from Chicago to Chattanooga to St. Louis to Yuma to Colorado Springs, as well as the UK; joining the list of stations both here and abroad that have featured The DOVES music on their playlists.

We appreciate all of them. Links to their websites can be accessed by scrolling down our facebook page.